Ranca resort is situated in Meridional Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 1,600 m and it is crossed by the highest road in Estern Europe and one of the highest in Europe, Transalpina.
There are two ways to get Ranca,:
- starting from Oltenia to Transylvania, you must get into little city Novaci first, then go through the 18 kilometers of asphalt road on the highest road in Romania called Transalpina. Also, your path may continue on Transalpina crosing Carpathian Mountains until the end city Sebes.
- starting from Transylvania to Oltenia, you must live the highway in Sebes, get the way on the beautiful Transalpina crossing the Meridional Carpathians.
 The access is making by car or bicycle (in the resort can practice mountain bike in good condition).

Ski season begins in December and ends in late April - early May. View, absolutely magnificent, deep snow and the mountain air is an attraction for skiers.
 Ranca resort has few ski slopes, all located closer with varying degrees of average difficulty;
they are equipped with lifts and nocturne (length of ski runs is between 400m and about 800m).
In winter you can ski the slopes of the resort, and
in summer can choose mountain routes: Peak doll, Mountaintops of Parang, etc, a lot of lakes .

Distances up to Novaci - Ranca in km:

  • Arad  - 284 km;
  • Bucharest -  227 km;
  • Craiova -  113 km;
  • Ramnicu-Valcea -  64 km;
  • Sibiu -  134 km(by Transalpina) or 200km in winter by Ramnicu - Valcea
  • Targu Jiu - Novaci 43 km;
  • Dracula Castle / Bran Castle / Torzburg - 250 km(via Transalpina)  or 300km(via Rucar - Bran)

Pine forests, oak, birch and ash, heavy snow in winter, fresh air and loud silence and wilderness places establish the resort Ranca a great destination during the entire year.


Attractions and entertainment in ways Ranca:


  • Mountain Trails
  • Cycling
  • Sports Ball
  • Enduro, ATV
  • Excursions to the caves and monasteries in the surrounding area
  • Relax in quiet and sunny meadows air or oxygen on the shade trees
  • Paragliding
  • Tubing slope for children and adults of 80 meters, located on the M1 rather than ski, tubing is a summer sport that resembles winter grain, a particular seat on a person standing slip on a slippery slope to a synthetic route established;


  • 3 ski slopes
  • Rent snowboards, snowmobiles, ATV
  • Skating rink
  • Children sledding
  • Other winter sports on the trail
  • Relaxation in oxygenated air of tranquility and fir forests with snow load

Being declared as having the largest untapped tourist potential of winter in Romania Ranca resort has a huge ski area located between altitudes of 1,600 m and up to 2100 m
This makes the resort Ranca is the highest mountain resort of Romania where the snow meet long year in Romania. This wonderful area is constantly growing, number of accommodation and catering increasing from year to year. Current tracks are of medium difficulty but the study prepared in 1994 by renowned French company Sectra, has identified more than 10 alpine ski runs of all degrees of difficulty, the trails can be arranged in future years.


Ranca attractions:

  • Glacial Lake tomatoes;
  • Glacial Lake Calcescu;
  • Glacial Lake Mija;
  • Glacial Lake Green Lake;
  • Peak Carja;
  • Peak pride;
  • Peak Stoienita;
  • Peak Great Thirst;
  • Peak Mohora;
  • Peak doll;
  • Peak Parangul Mare;
  • Lake complex accumulation of hydro River otter;
  • The dam lake Petrimanul River hydro-complex;
  • Lake hydro complex accumulation of Yellow River;
  • The forests of oak, birch, pine, ash;
  • Various tourist routes.

Ranca resort prices in the 2009 season:

  • Cards lift (a boarding = 2 points);
  • 5 points card - 18 RON;
  • Card 12 points - 40 RON;
  • Card 20 points - 60 RON;
  • Card 30 points - 80 RON;
  • SIM 100 points - 250 RON;
  • Complete ski equipment (boots, sticks, skis) - 25 RON;
  • Complete snowboard equipment (bots board) - 30 RON;
  • Skid - 10 EUR / day;
  • ATV - 80/100 RON depending on engine size;
  • Snowmobile - 150 RON only companion.

Albums made by tourists who have had the pleasure to camp on us:
http://picasaweb.google.com/mihai23378/PozeRanca #
http://picasaweb.google.com/mihai23378/PozeRanca2 #

More photos of various events occurring in our guesthouse you can see by visiting the album